Paula Bailey

March 12, 2010

Coming soon …

Under Construction

Under Construction

I’ve finally completed the skeleton of my new website.  This means that the basic framework is in place and the ‘photography’ and ‘information’ sections are laid out with external links.  All I have to do next is complete the ‘design’ section of the site.  I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to tackle that part, and I really need to figure out what I want to put on there first!

What should go into an online portfolio and what is the best way to organise diverse styles of work?

It’s tempting to put everything I’m happy with onto the site (and into my physical portfolio), but according to adigitaldreamer, this would be a mistake.  In their article, Graphic Design Portfolio Creation, they suggest that quantity over quality is a bad idea.  This makes perfect sense of course, but sometimes when you’re up against a deadline (we graduate this summer) and eager to get everything sorted out, it is easy to forget these simple considerations.  So maybe I won’t include all the business cards, price list and posters I made for an aromatherapist, but just the logo I created which is the focus of the design.  Perhaps not every page of the calendar I produced for a florist needs to be on the website for visitors to wade through.  We are taught that ‘less is more’ when designing so I will keep that in mind when I put together the final section of my site.

The advice from Positive Space blog in their Students, nothing is perfect especially your portfolio post suggests that we can hold ourselves back from success by trying to make everything perfect from the outset.  This is good common sense advice.  They counsel that prospective employers realise you are ‘entry level’ designers – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to make your portfolio the best it can be, but don’t beat yourself up because it doesn’t look like something Neville Brody might carry around.  Another reason not to try to cram a site full of too much work.

Finally (for today’s musings at least) some technical information that I need to get my head around.  My first port of call is the aforementioned Positive Space blog whose post, 10 practical SEO tips for your portfolio is a good starting point (now that I know what SEO stands for – it’s Search Engine Optimisation, but you knew that already didn’t you?).  I can see I’ve got a lot of reading to do but I’m sure it’s not difficult – just new (to me).


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