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November 7, 2011

November Calendar

Eeek! I’m late with this one. The end of October was so hectic that it completely slipped my mind. My apologies.  I’ve been out and about photographing more stained glass – look out for several posts about this on my other blog very soon.

I hope you like this month’s free to download calendar page – back to decay (which is what the autumn is all about after all) and a moody shot taken in a Berlin cemetery.  You can see more of my photographs on my Bēhance portfolio (as well as some of the floral and decay images from this year’s calendar pages).

You can still download the previous months’ pages (see below the main image) and the next one will be out towards the end of November (promise!).  If you sign up for updates on new posts, you won’t miss it.

To download, free to print for your own use, just click on the image below.

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February 22, 2011

March Calendar

Wow February is such a short month! I can’t believe we’re nearly into March.

I hope you enjoyed February’s beautiful poppy.  This month we’re back to some equally gorgeous decay with a bit of rust and some seriously crackly peeling paint.  I hope you like it.  If you would like to see more of my decay photography, visit my Decay collection on Bēhance.

This is free to download and print for your own use.

Don’t forget you can still download January’s rusty goodness as well as the February page if you want to ‘collect the whole set’.  I’ll be adding a new page at the end of each month so do sign up for updates on new posts.  To download, just click on the image below.

March Calendar

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