Paula Bailey

September 5, 2011

Photo exhibition under the sea

Big thanks to my lovely friends over at PK Perspective, the very talented Scottish photographers Ian and Sarah, who have just told me about an amazing new exhibition taking place under the sea.  Yes, that’s right!

Austrian photographer Andreas Franke visited the wreck of the Gen Hoyt S Vandenberg last year and has made some amazing images from the photographs he took there, along with some surprise guests.  Everyday scenes of people with a vintage twist are set within the backdrop of the decaying hulk and the new life that grows on and around its frame.

The images have been sealed within Plexiglass and are exhibited within the wreck itself – held on by magnets which mean they can be removed easily, without causing damage.

Click on the image below to visit the site and see all 12 photographs, plus a video of them in-situ.

The Vandenberg Exhibition

from The Vandenberg Exhibition



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