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April 29, 2010

Getting it all done

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photo by Amy Mud Pie, via Flickr

Graphics students – stressing?

Here’s my cunning plan:

Make a list of little jobs you have to do before hand-in day.  Just the little ones.  When you are tired and utterly fed up with what you are doing and need to run away, do one of the little jobs as a distraction. Preferably on a project you’re not currently battling with – just swap to a small task on another project.  No more than half an hour.

  • Lay out a grid so you can design your business cards later
  • Do that little tweak to an image
  • Annotate a few pages on a different project than the one you’re currently working on
  • Cut out a pile of images ready to stick into your sketchbook later
  • Stick pre-cut images into your sketchbook
  • Tidy your work into piles again (if you’ve splatted it all over the place)
  • Google for half an hour – on one of your subjects – just free-surf
  • Write one section of your viva presentation

I’m sure you can think of plenty of your own – you must have lots of little things that need doing, or  bigger things that can be broken down into smaller jobs.

Just half an hour’s ‘break’ from the heavy stuff – you get to tick something off your ‘to do’ list (and that’s always satisfying and will make you feel better) – then you can go back to it a little refreshed.

OK not refreshed maybe, but it really does give you a breather and you’re still working.

Or you could stare at the pretty picture until all the nasty goes away.

Good luck.

Cumulus humilis. and relax ...

"Cumulus humilis. and relax ..." © Jason Swain (with kind permission). Please click the image for more amazing photos from Jason.

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