Paula Bailey

March 23, 2011

April Calendar

Wow!  I’m going to dare to say that Spring is finally with us.  In the UK the clocks are about to go forwards an hour (this weekend, the night of Saturday 26th March).  I’m never happy about this because I don’t just lose an hour, I lose an hour every night for months!  I just can’t get the hang of it.  Still, it’s nice to see the sunshine we’ve been having lately, and all the spring flowers are out which is always cheering.

So, for April’s free download calendar page we have a stunning orange tulip.  If you’re enjoying the floral photos you can see more on my Bēhance portfolio (as well as more decay if you’re enjoying those pages too).

You can still download the previous months’ pages (see below the main image) and the next one will be out towards the end of April.  If you sign up for updates on new posts, you won’t miss it.

To download, just click on the image below.

April 2011

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