Paula Bailey

February 19, 2011

Cano Cafenol – how do you take yours?

Chunky Cano Cafenol Cruets

Chunky Cano Cafenol Cruets by Rantz

Today Hipstamatic launched two new films to go with the recent ‘free’ Chunky lens that marked New York Fashion week.  If you missed that one don’t worry, it’s part of today’s release.

I’m not yet convinced about the Blanko Noir film – that will take some more experimentation – but I do like the soft qualities of the Cano Cafenol.  It’s described thus:

Almost as tasty as a cup of morning joe. The mysteriously aged darkness in the Cano Cafenol film is a delightful alternative to sepia processing.

I was expecting a general sepia toning, along the lines of some of the black and white films offered by the app.  I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find that it loves colour too.  The sepia is a gentle hint; an atmosphere.  If we’re too hip for rose tinted glasses, we can at least be moody.


Chooks by tony_the_bald_eagle

Cano Cafenol subtly alters the colours, giving a general sepia ‘air’ – in some cases almost as if the image has been hand-tinted.  It seems to work equally well with soft and sharp shots and across several lenses.  So far today, most of the shots I’ve seen have been with the Chunky lens as that’s still a novelty.  It’s a good mix.

I particularly like the border on this one.  I’m a big fan of the Kodot (in its former Verichrome and its current XGrizzled state, which is now part of the standard issue) and the BlacKeys B+W borders, so that will be no surprise.

I have curated a gallery on Flickr with some of my favourite (so far) Cano Cafenol photos from today (and in some parts of the world, yesterday).  There’s still room to add more so I’d love to see what you’ve taken and hear what you think of these new additions.  Also, how do you pronounce it? Feel free to post links with your comments below.



Quick snap taken in my kitchen

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paula Bailey, MamaSwifty and Mermaid Wiggle, Paula Bailey. Paula Bailey said: Cano Cafenol – how do you take yours? #canocafenol #hipstamatic #iphone #lomo #photography […]

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  2. Thanks for including my photo in your post – most appreciated. I like your words and the way you write them.

    Since Roger (my iPhone) popped out of hir box last April, the Hipstamatic has been my favourite camera. In particular, I like the now xGrizzled film with the Johnn S lens: so much so that I was often hesitant to explore the other possibilities. Starting this calendar year, I’ve been shooting with the Hipsta on ‘random’. I’m finding many combinations that I do indeed like and some that I’m not so fond of. I still go back to the xGrizzled and John S when there’s something specific I want to shoot – and I’m much enjoying the new combinations I’m getting that I probably wouldn’t have tried in the past.

    Keep shootin’.


    Comment by Rantz — February 19, 2011 @ 11:30 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment. The John S and Kodot combination is my favourite too – and like you I had to force myself to do the ‘shake’ in order to steer away from it. I do deliberately select it for some shots and I think of it as the quintessential Hipstamatic look. I might start to feel a similar affinity with this Cano Cafenol. Time will tell. As for the ones you’re not so fond of – you can now relegate some of the lenses and films so that they don’t come up with a shake, but I’ve not investigated that yet. Not sure if it’s iPhone 4 only – I’ve got a 3GS. I love that you have a name for your iPhone. 🙂

      Comment by Paula Bailey — February 20, 2011 @ 7:14 pm | Reply

  3. Hello Paula…
    thanks so much for including me in your Cano Cafenol Flickr Gallery. it’s such an honor having a Hipstamatic film named after me and even cooler seeing so many people having fun with it. keep it up!

    gabe cano

    Comment by Gabe Cano — March 2, 2011 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

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